Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Working experience in America

So, I was a Guest Services Representative at Raging Waters Waterpark,
which is part of Morey's Piers from June till early September.

Morey's Piers is a family owned resort and entertainment company,
located on the southern New Jersey coastline,
they operate three amusement piers and two waterparks,
with over 150 attractions, serving over 3.5 million guests each year.

Sounds fun huh? Let me tell you my stories.
As an admission personnel, it was not the initial position that I was applying for,
I was actually more interested on being a ride operator instead.
However, during the job interview in Malaysia,
they decided to put me at the water park because they said that I speak good english.

They told me,
"No worries, you will have a lot of fun"


First week of work was basically LABOUR WORK.

Scrubbing, Cleaning, Sweeping...
under the sun.


I guess that was my own personal problem as I was born
in a place where there's a lot of sun,
a place where 365 days, all year long, summer.


However, the sun wasn't really a problem.
At some point of time, I think I could understand what immigrant feels.

Sometimes while you are walking to work,
some people actually staring at me as if I was some kind of freak
and they said stuff like,

"I know why you are here because your country is not doing as good as ours."

I just smiled.
and I thought,

I had a better life back home, you idiot.

Also, they practice job rotation in the waterpark.
There are 5 spots:

  • Wrist banding  : putting the wrist bands on the customers' hands.
  • Entrence          : make sure every customer scans their wrist band on the scanner.
  • Bag Check      : literally checking guests' bags in case they have guns, knife or any                                     other dangerous weapons. Just kidding, alcohols and any glass-made                             containers are not allow AKA THE WORST SPOT EVER.
  • Locker              : Collect money from the guests if they need to rent a locker or to buy                                   some stuff such as sunscreen, Paranol, tampons.
  • Exit                  : greet the customers and cut their wrist bands off.

we need to do a job rotation every hour,
which means that we need to move on to the next stop after an hour's time.

The problem is...


and sometimes you got stuck in this spot, I called it the "worst spot" forever.
Some guests found it offensive when they were told that their bags had to be checked.

"Excuse me sir, may I check your bag please"

"Fuh, what? Are you Kidding me? 
Do I look like a terrorist to you?"

and then you have to explain,
"I just wanna make sure that there's no glass and alcohol inside.
because when a glass breaks it shatters, people with their foot bare might stepped on it so..."

and when the heat waves came, temperature rose up to 40°c
I was once stuck in this bag check spot for more than 2 hours.
3000 guests visited, they were all grumpy as the queue was long.

I was all alone in this spot, the situation kinda went outta control.

People yelling at me, saying that I couldn't speak English
and I have to apologize for checking their bags.
 Some people have really bad attitude,
they just threw their bags on the floor,
and you have to check them one by one and picked them up for the customers
with a smile on your face.

Didn't even have the time to get a sip of water. I couldn't take it.
I started to feel dizzy, and I lost my consciousness...

I was dehydrated, I had never fainted in my whole life before that.
Well, at least I was taken care of, I was sent to the first aid room.

Besides, the contract stated that the minimum hours you got is 35 hours per week,
problem is, they hired too many people, maximum working hours that I get is 42 hours and it only happened once. Looking for a second job wasn't easy, I had this feeling that people there prefer not to hire asians. Sometimes, after I deducted the rental and the expenses for food, really, there wasn't much left.

Also, my manager is an asshole, I had a feeling that she didn't really like me.
While everyone was given a chance to work at the counter, I didn't.
Hence, I decided to speak up. I asked my supervisor, the reason WHY.

Ended up that the next few days I finally got to work under the shelter, at the counter.
Oh well, it only lasted for a few days.

After that, I did not even bother. I am so sick and tired of everything.
A lot of shit happened, I figured that if I won't stop writing this post might never ends.

Oh well,
What I enjoy the most was the time that me and my friends, we get to gossip and talking about how bad this place was.
Also, I had made a lot of good friends from all over the world that I'll never forget.

Ask me once, did I regret going to this place,
No, I do not.

P/S. Not all americans are asshole, I have met good people too!


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