Friday, December 20, 2013

Wildwood, New Jersey

I have a love-hate relationship with this place.

On the first week I was there was
you either heard some gunshots or 
the sound of some motherfucker's car screeched around the corner at top speed or
some suckers living upstairs (we rented some rooms in the basement) blasting all sorts of party and rap music.
It was like the fast and the furious.

Oh America, just like the movies.

That's the place. 

Oh yeah, I'm glad that I am still alive.

That wasn't the worst part.

So, me and my friends, we decided to move.
few blocks up to a more peaceful area.
Everything seemed to be alright in the first place, 
until we figured out that something bit us in the night,
every morning, there were some unknown bug bites all around our bodies
and it was itchy.

My nightmare begins...

Sooner or later, we found out that it was the bed bugs.
It was the first time in my life to see those small evil creatures


Bed bugs are parasitic insects of the cimicid family that feed exclusively on blood. The term most commonly refers to members of the genus Cimex of which Cimex lectularius, the common bed bug, is the best known as it prefers to feed on human blood although other Cimex species are specialized to other animals, e.g., bat bugs, Cimex pipistrelli (Europe), Cimex pilosellus (western US), and Cimex adjunctus (entire eastern US).

- Wikipedia, 2013.

I don't wanna put any photo of bed bug here because it's really disgusting, try google it yourself if you do not have any idea how they look like.

So the problem was, 
I had already paid the rental deposit and had signed the tenancy agreement.
If I move to another place, I wouldn't get back the rental deposit.
So, not much of a choice. I was really lucky to have this friend of mine who has been taken really good care of me. He had bought some bug spray, he told me that I am allowed to use his.

I don't really remember how the hell I got through all these shit.
But there was this one day,
I couldn't take it anymore, 
the humiliation, the stress, the heat..

I decided to talk to the land-lady regarding this issue.
I actually called CIEE regarding this problem and they told me that there's nothing much they can do since I had already signed the document.

After all the hassle, turned up that I got myself a new room.
Things seemed to get better from then on.

Wildwood in summer 2011.

Jin signing off.

P/s. Not sure if I have any readers, but do let me know if you wanna know more about Wildwood.

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