Friday, November 15, 2013

My American Experience.

Okay, I actually blogged about part of my american experience before, 
but this genius here (me) had decided to delete all her previous posts and
she had already done it. Hence, I am here to share it once again.

So, what was I doing in America again?

I joined CIEE Work and Travel in USA summer program in the year 2011.
I was working as an admission personnel in a water park,
 in this place called Wildwood in New Jersey.

Well, because all the bad things that had happened to me too often that it sort of blinded me from seeing all the good things around me. So, I couldn't say that it was all bad 
I do not really like that place. 

like, if you ask me, "Will you ever visit that place again?"
Without a single thought, 
without any hesitation,
I am 100% sure that I will say,

#1. Americans are racist... 
ok not all but most of them.

not to mention the whole 

but I got this a lot:

"Welcome to America, speak English"
a blonde woman said that to me

"Hey, cook me my Chinese food"
a black guy said that to me.

So what now?
you want me to teach you how to use the chopsticks?

#2. Americans do not know where Malaysia is.... ok maybe not all of them.

First of all,
Konichiwa is Japanese not Chinese
They never figure it out before telling me to go back to China.

I was like, but umm, I'm Malaysian.

Where's Malaysia?

Here's the problem.
Yes  I do know how to speak Chinese,
and Yes I'm a Chinese
But I'm Malaysian Chinese.
I represent Malaysia, not China.

It's true that I have a very confusing nationality.
Somehow, from what I see, Americans they think that all Asians come from China.

#3. America. Just like the movies.
They drink. and they party hard.
16 years old if you are still a virgin.
Damn there must be something wrong with you.

Not much comment on that. It's a free country yo!

Wildwood, New Jersey. Year:2011
America also made me fat and tanned.

P/s. This post was written based on my experience in Wildwood, New Jersey.
Stay tuned for my next post: My working experience in America.

Jin signing off.

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