Friday, October 4, 2013

Facts about Russia!

As you know, I am always a traveller - wannabe.

and now I'm in MOTHER RUSSIA!
No, not Moscow, not St Petersburg but Krasnoyarsk.

So people have been asking 
Why? Why Krasnoyarsk?

and my answer is
It's Siberia baby!

I had never love a country this much!
Yes, I am falling in love with Russia.

So here are some fun facts about Russia, which are

based on my own personal experience.

Fact #1 Russians do not enjoy eating.
Ok, first of all, they don't eat.
You hardly see them eating, and I am always hungry. 
Sometimes, I just went into some random store to get some food.
In Russia, you eat because you need food to keep you alive!

Nope, I'm not done yet. 

Russians they eat so fast. When I say fast, it's really fast.
So on my first day at the camp...
I got my food, found a spot in the dining hall, 
I sat down, had a bite on my food and SUDDENLY,
the kids, standing up, taking their dirty dishes to the kitchen.
*POOF* and disappeared.

I was like WOAH, what on earth is going on?

so I asked my russian friend about it and he said,

"Eating too much is a sin."

and then I thought about my friends in Malaysia, one of them eat 7 meals per day.

Waoh, how sinful is he.

Fact #2 You never know how Russian drivers drive.

Russians told me that there are only 2 problems in Russia:

1. The roads
2. The people

Haha, I burst into laughter when I heard that. 

I was amazed when I figured that the driver's seat in certain cars are on the right 
and some are on the left. 
WOAH, mind blowing isn't it.

and so I asked one of the Russians, HOW COME?

He said,
"It's because of these Japanese trash!"
[The driver's seat in the Japanese cars are on the right]

and I said, "Oh so you guys are following the Americans huh?"

"NO, no no, the americans are following us!", he replied.

I couldn't help it, I was laughing all the while.

"Look at this Russian shit, they always break down." 

My Russian AIESEC buddy told me how bad the Russian cars are 
and I wonder if they would feel better if they see our Malaysian cars.

So I have concluded that, in mother Russia:

1.The driver's seat can be on the left and right.
2.They have Japanese trash and also Russian shit.

3. No comments about the road. 

Fact #3 Russians like to walk.
So, Russia is largest country in the world.
The definition of the word "near" or the word "close" is very different here.
When a Russian says, "oh it's just nearby" or "it's near"
ask them, "what's the distance?"

They probably gonna surprise you with something like, "oh, it's just 7km away."

Well, a lot of interns from other countries are actually complaining about it.

However, personally, I don't mind walking, 
if I have the time why not?
and it's good for your health.
Also, I enjoy the weather here, 
the summer here has perfect temperature for me!

Fact #4 Russians' tolerance level for cold is beyond god's light.
I am here for AIESEC Global Community Developing Project, so I got to teach in a summer camp which is situated in Olkhon Island, Baikal, the world's deepest lake.
I will do another post about it.
So it's 18 hours train from Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk,
and another 6 hours bus ride to Olkhon Park  (Ольхон-Парк)

I had a dipped in the lake. 
The water is freezing! FREEZING.

and the russian kids said, "No, it's warm."


They are all trained for it.

Fact #5 Russians can be really crazy, sometimes...
Do not mess with them.
Well, this seems a little bit unfair, because crazy people are actually everywhere.

Fact # 6 Russians like to wink

I was like are you okay??

Is there something wrong with your eyes?

That's all folks!
Jin, signing off 

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