Friday, July 5, 2013

I am never a good writer, never.

I don't know why, but I have decided to write again.
Probably because I need a distraction, just to clear my mind.

I have to admit that I must have changed a lot, when I say a lot,
It's really A LOT.
from a social phobia aka anti-social freak to a socially hyperactive chatterbox. 
OK, Maybe not, I am just over-exaggerating stuff but that transition was not easy.

Wait a minute, 
it seems to be a little off topic, sorry there are too many things in my mind.
Just-so-you-know or if-you-have-realized
I had deleted all my previous posts here, and yes, you may ask, 
why not getting a new blog instead?
Good question! My answer will be ohh, I have decided not to, 
as an economist to-be
but my friend would correct it as an economist wannabe,

Just because you are sick of your old stuff, abandone it and getting a new one doesn't really seems right. Yeah, someone else might need the stupid domain name:

Really, lame.

I was once young and naive, thinking that it would be a really cool blog address.
I am Nobody - Wow that's emo and badass.
It is actually a poem written by Emily Dickinson. So don't get me wrong.

GOD DAMIT, I'm off topic again.
Ok, here it goes, I started writing so that my English will not deteriorate.

See, what the hell am I trying to say in the first place,
I'm easily distracted.


P/s. I'm getting a Tumblr!

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